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The old barn at Helenenhof collapsed into a pile of splintered wood and broken roof tiles. We've cleaned up the mess and are ready to rebuild.

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Another pond is born and a forest is in the works.

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We're rescuing a perfectly good glass house from an untimely doom in the junkyard, and turning it into a tropical paradise in Rempertshofen!

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An open letter from Serena and Jared - December 1, 2023

Dear friends of the Helenenhof,

The year 2023 is drawing to a close, and so comes the end of the first seven-year cycle of the Helenenhof. I (Serena) have also completed my third seven-year cycle on Earth this year and have begun the fourth. For me and the farm, these cycles are not only milestones, but they represent the need to reflect deeply and intensely on what it is like to harvest and process the fruits of the last seven years, and to find new direction for the future. At the beginning of this season, I felt a bit disoriented and desperate (not only due to the weather); and the more time went by, the more clarity, vision and shape I found in relation to my life and the life of and around Helenenhof.

As you already know, a big feature of our work together at Helenenhof is to create a space that is non-commercial. We have, over time, come to realize that within the framework of 'commercial success as the main goal', our freedom and well-being as human beings, and indeed that of the rest of the beings around us, is severely compromised. Such a narrow framework hinders us all in our individual and collective developmental potential. If a flower cannot unfold, it will not have the chance to bear fruit and seeds. If we can experience together what it means to germinate, take root, sprout, absorb light, blossom, bear fruit and seeds, we have a true picture of every sustainable process. The value in that is not to be doubted, nor to be labeled with a price, because that would ultimately mean putting a price on life itself.

Well, how do we bridge the space between our ideals and some of the current realities of our self-created world? How can we manage the next important development steps for Helenenhof, which will require a large commitment, both financial and beyond, in order to fully materialize?

So far, the Stangenbohnen Duo GbR (i.e. our music performances) has carried the main financial load for Helenenhof, with some contributions also coming from private individuals, mostly in the form of sponsorship for specific projects, such as excavating the ponds. And a few years ago, we successfully financed the construction of our cultivation room through a fundraising campaign. Also not to be overlooked are the large amounts of generous and creative contributions of many hands and hearts that have sustained the farm through the years. All this has been encouraging!

We have now realized that certain new 'organs' are needed to make Project Helenenhof, as a whole, more sustainable. These come in the form of buildings and infrastructure, and of a financial base to maintain a second full-time gardener. Each 'organ' project is described and illustrated in detail on this website - just follow the links below.

These organs bring with them the opportunity to transform the 'I' into the 'we' by creating space for more people to get involved in a profoundly independent way. The new organs of the farm are beyond the scope of the resources we have thus far been working with to build up the Helenenhof. It will take a lot of finances and expert input to realize these visions. 

Will you join us?


Serena and Jared

The Helenenhof needs a full-time gardener and she needs support from members and friends of AUI.

More info coming soon!