There are numerous different ways to participate at Helenenhof. Since each of us brings different strengths and needs, one's approach to being involved is always very individual and often evolves organically.

Here we are being offered a practice field of unconditionality in which we are all allowed to playfully experiment, in order to harmoniously and collaboratively go more profoundly into our relationships with ourselves and others - human beings, animals, plants, soils and the essential elements of all of these.

Honesty, the language of the heart and a gentle inner ear are fostered in this playground.

We at Helenenhof do not see giving and receiving as a linear transaction, but rather we seek to gain a sense of its magnificent wholeness as a process. We experience it in such a way that every loving deed creates a ripple effect that radiates in all directions and benefits everyone.

We hope to overcome the "business as usual" way of sharing the gifts. It is therefore not intended that when the gifts of the garden are harvested and taken away, that "compensation" of some kind is expected, but rather it is our wish that everyone can have a living experience of unconditional gifting, which can eventually expand further into their private lives and further yet into the unknown realms of possibility. Such a culture of unconditional gift-giving is already well established as the way of 'family life', and we hereby celebrate the Big Family!

Every kind of support is welcome at Helenenhof!

You might come help with the work in the garden, or with a building project.

Contact us to figure out the details.

Getting involved at Helenenhof

You can see if you can offer us something from our wish list, or make a financial contribution.

For those who want to harvest from the fields, there are regular orientations to learn the intricacies of handling the crops that are currently reaching their harvest maturity, plus general guidance for newcomers to the garden.

Telegram Group

For those who really want to stay up to date with the happenings in the Helenenhof garden, there is a Telegram group - "in the Helenenhof loop" - in which Serena sends out updates at least once a week regarding what gifts the garden currently has to offer and what kinds of help we are currently hoping for. 

If you'd like to be in the group, just send Serena a message on Telegram asking to be admitted into the group. The cell-phone number is

+49 (0) 151 2905 1851