If you’re inspired by what we’re doing and where we’re heading, and you’d like to support our efforts, we recommend first becoming a member of AUI. Membership does not require any kind of contribution, financial or otherwise. However, for those who are inspired and able to give, we are extremely grateful to receive one-time, monthly, or yearly monetary membership contributions in whatever amount suits each individual. (Find the membership application form here.)

There are numerous ways to support our cause. You could, for example, come help out in the gardens or on a building site at the Helenenhof outpost. Or you could look through our wish list to see if you serendipitously have something lying around, collecting dust, which we happen to need. We are also happy to accept your good, old-fashioned financial donations. Maybe you can help with planning, organisation or paperwork. Or maybe you want to offer us and/or the community the services of your individual talents, whatever they may be. If you’ve got ideas or suggestions that you think align with our values and goals, tell us about them.

The style and level of your involvement is your individual choice. Use your creativity! The possibilities are endless, so let’s brainstorm together!

And remember, just as contributions of any kind are not required to become an AUI member, so also is membership not required to support us. That means you can donate, or indeed contribute in any of the ways mentioned above without being a member.

Your membership, however, will enable you to keep up to date on what’s happening in AUI, thereby helping you to stay involved (and hopefully inspired!), and will ensure your access to AUI events.

We are deeply grateful for all of the incredibly generous help and support that we have already received and that we are indeed receiving every day; and we are truly thankful in advance for all the support we will be receiving from all of you universal individuals in the future!

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