It has recently become clear to us that there is a need for some kind of regular orientation on general garden interaction practices, which are constantly changing with the seasons. It is very important that those who come to harvest know how to recognise the ripeness of the cultures and how to harvest/process/store them.

All those who wish to harvest unassisted are welcome to attend these monthly orientations. 

Anyone who attends these introductions may also be a designated harvest supervisor. 


¬°ATTENTION! The harvesting orientation for June has been postponed:

*NEW DATE: Wednesday, June 28th at 18:00 at Helenenhof*

Thursday, July 13th at 18:00 at Helenenhof 

Thursday, August 17th at 18:00 at Helenenhof 

Thursday, September 14th at 18:00 at Helenenhof 

Thursday, October 12th at 18:00 at Helenenhof 

Please sign up for orientations by sending email to:

We are aware that not all of you are available to be in the fields on Thursdays at 6pm. You may also know that we are usually away performing music on the weekends.

If there are those among you who can only come on weekends, then there is a possibility that weekend orientation sessions can also be arranged on short notice. However, these will only be organised upon request and announced a maximum of 2 weeks in advance. Simply contact Serena to arrange a date and time.


Harvesting Orientation