Everybody, meet Luisa. We love Luisa. You will too. She's eloquent, playful, hard-working, persistently smiling, full of ideas, even fuller of energy. She's absolutely the perfect match for the Helenenhof garden, and she brings to the table exactly what especially I (Serena) need there.

Without the possibility that the responsibility of the garden as a whole is shared, this project, as with any that relies entirely on one individual, is in danger. A second human, who shares the responsibility for everything from planning to implementation is the key to the whole. I have longed for such a colleague with whom we can work together as equals.

And we're so excited to announce that Luisa, who just finished her Landwirtschaftliche apprenticeship, and who, like me, attended the two-year course in Biodynamic Agriculture at the Freie Landbauschule Bodensee, will be coming to live and work with us at Helenenhof from March 2023 until at least March of 2024!

We can of course provide Luisa with a roof over her head and nourishment for body, soul and spirit, but even she, like all of you and we, also needs some financial resources. That's why we are looking for 12 "godparents" who will commit to providing Luisa with one month's worth of finances - we think 500 € is a good amount. A godparent can be an individual, a couple, a family, a company, an association, or any group of individuals who pool together to sponsor Luisa's financial consideration for one month of the 12 that she has committed to being here.

Below is the current status of the godparent program. If you’d like to join in, let us know which of the still-available months you prefer by sending us an e-mail:


Godparent Program for Luisa from March 2024 - February 2025

Godparent-Program for our Garden Colleague



March 2024

Marcus & Waltraud Haseitl

April 2024

Rose-Marie Gartner Wielland

Sabine, Liane, Eugen & Martin

May 2024

June 2024

Rainer & Uwe Wagner / Eszter Schöllhorn

Claudia & Michael

July 2024

August 2024

Jörg Holzapfel

September 2024

October 2024

Jens, Diotima & Hanne

Still available

November 2024

December 2024

January 2025

February 2025

Still available

Still available

Still available

Still available

Last updated: February 8, 2024